Z-Track 3.21
Complete Personal EME Management Software

Z-Track 3.21 with support for ARSWin auto-tracking system by Pablo Garcia, EA4TX

The ARSWin system by EA4TX is an inexpensive, easy to implement auto-tracking system. See http://www.ea4tx.com for information. Now Z-Track offers support for the ARSWin system. You will need ARSWin and ARSTrack software (download from the URL above) and RCI/RCI-EL board from EA4TX to use this system.

An option has been added to the ZT configuration to enable/disable this functionality. It is disabled by default. To turn it on, go to the configuration screen (F10, 1), choose option 'Q', and select '1' (on). Z-Track will now write the current UTC time, azimuth and elevation to a file named "AZEL.DAT" once each minute. This file is then read by ARSTrack and the data passed to ARSWin which handles the auto-tracking. Please read the ARSWin documentation and online help.

When upgrading from a previous version of Z-Track, you may keep your old ZT_CFG.DAT and ZT-DIR.DAT files if you wish. ZT_CFG.DAT will be automatically updated the first time you run version 3.21.

Reminder.... if you use Z-Track, would you please consider making a small donation? The amount is up to you to decide. This support from users of the program helps me stay QRV on the moon myself... thank you very much!!! If you are not able to make a donation, that's OK... I understand, for some the situation is a bit like my own.

Download Z-Track 3.21 beta here

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