Jaybeam Amateur Radio Antennas Catalogue [PDF 4MB](late 1970s? Tnx PE1EWR)

G3WDG 3cm Transverter Build Manuals

N1BUG Website Mirror (Approved)

PYE A200 Service Manual

Tonna [F9FT] Instruction/Assembly Manuals Collection

SSB Electronics SP2000/SP7000 Masthead Pre Amp [PopUP]

MET 14-ele NBS (Trigonal) Yagi

Andrew Connectors

TACBox®: TACLog Transceiver Interface

Datong D70 Morse Tutor - Instruction Sheet

SSB Electronics LT2S Transverter

Yaesu FT-726 Manuals and 432 Module

Yaesu FC-902 Antenna Coupler, Instruction Manual (2.8MB)

Split RX/TX 70cm LNA

Yaesu FT-707, Instruction Manual (4.3MB)

Yaesu FTV-707 Transverter shed, Circuit Diagram (231KB)

Errata sheet for W2GN PA article in "Ham Radio Mag" (Oct 1977): Stripline kilowatt for two meters

The "Simple" Sequencer from "The VHF/UHF DX Book"

Microwave Modules MMT144/28-RY. Circuits and Manual

Polar Electronic Developments' QQV-0640 144MHz PA: Circuits, Manual & Pix

A 70MHz Switched Pre-amp for the FT-847

GPS receivers, `gpsd', Deriving LOCATOR from GPS data

Daiwa 7500/76000 Rotator Manual