Results: 2016 Marconi Memorial 144MHz CW Contest

PDF of Results classification: 44th Marconi Memorial CW Contest, Nov 2016.

2016 Marconi Memorial 144MHz CW Contest - Rules/Announcement

Adobe PDF of rules pertaining to the forthcoming Nov 2016 44th Marconi Memorial CW Contest.

Key outcomes of WRC-15

Amateur radio service gets new allocation New allocation for amateur radio service in the frequency band 5351.5 - 5366.5 kHz will maintain stable communications over various distances, especially for use when providing communications in disaster situations and for relief operations.
Universal Time WRC-15 decided that further studies regarding current and potential future reference time-scales are required, including the modification of coordinated universal time (UTC) and suppressing the so-called "leap second". A report will be considered by the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2023. Until then, UTC shall continue to be applied as described in Recommendation ITU-R TF.460-6 and as maintained by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM).
Last Updated:

IARU Region 1 Contest Calendar, 2014

Adobe PDF. Official IARU Region 1 Contest Calendar for 2014 (Compiled by Alex IK3KKW).
Now @ Version 3

2013 Marconi Memorial 144MHz CW Contest - Entry Classification

Adobe PDF of results and ranking of entrants to the Nov 2013 Marconi Memorial CW Contest.

IARU Region 1 2014 General Conference Website available

IARU Region 1 Conference in 2014 will be held in Varna-Albena, Bulgaria between 20th and 27th September. The website dedicated to the conference has been launched (24/01/2014) containing details of the programme of events, accomodation for visitors/delegates and tasters of future features during the conference.

ads-b - the new RADAR

Realtime ADS-b receiver using an RTL DVB-T dongle connected to a 'homebrew' colinear aerial at one end and a Raspberry Pi at the other reveals aircraft tracks over South Eastern England and beyond.
(Click on an aircraft icon on the map or its ID in the list to highlight the aircraft track)
Sure, it's not FlightRadar24 but it shows what can be done with (someone else's) clever programming and simple equipment.

BROKEN! Due to SYSTEM FAILURE. Will rebuild in time... NTP stats - GPS disciplined RPi at the core.

RRDtool graphs of ntp time syncronisations.

Just Released... 2012 Marconi Memorial 144MHz CW Contest - Entry Classification

Adobe PDF of results and ranking of entrants to the Nov 2012 Marconi Memorial CW Contest.

Tucnak2 VHF Contest Logger for the Raspberry Pi

Every other Special Interest Group seems to be promoting the (ARM-based, credit card sized, Linux computer) Raspberry Pi, so why should HamRadio Contesting miss out?
There's a Quicklink in the Software Utilities section (to the right) to download my .deb build of Tucnak-2 v2.48 for the Pi.

IARU Region 1 VHF Contest, September 2009

Adobe PDF (210KB) of results of IARU Region 1 VHF Contest, September 2009 made available today.

G-stations make a fair showing with G4DEZ taking 24th place and GM4ZUK/P in 31st in the Single Op section. Of the 19 Multi-Op G's entering we see 4 stations in the top 50. My own group, G0VHF/P, just scraping in at level 50!
  • G8P = 4th
  • G4ZAP/P = 25th
  • G8T = 29th
  • G0VHF/P = 50th
Well done! to everyone involved and Thanks to REF-Union (the French National Society) for adjudicating the contest and getting the results to publication so quickly.

2008 Marconi Memorial 144MHz CW Contest - Definitive Results

Adobe PDF (830KB) of results of Nov 2008 Marconi Memorial CW Contest.
IV3SIX writes:
... it´s my pleasure to remember you that this year besides the prizes given by the ARI Section of Bologna, Pietro Begali I2RTF has put in disposition of the contest committee one of his best creation. The prestigious prize will be drawn among all the participants that have sent his log, and it will be my honour to contact the winner and he will also be putted on-line on the site of the Associazione Radioamatori Italiani and on
A thanks to you all.
See you soon on MMC 2009.

Plus 2009 (37th) Marconi Memorial Contest Rules (ITA)
And English: 2009 (37th) Marconi Memorial Contest Rules (ENG)

Tucnak Contest Logger now supports RSGB Multiplier Contests 'Out of the box'

The Tucnak Contest Logger Version 2.25 is now available as a Debian (.deb) install package via the Tucnak Wiki (click on the Penguin!). This version supports all RSGB Multiplier contests through the "wizard" contest setup screens.
Tucnak is an all new (linux) Contest logger that features keystroke and entry compatibility with the venerable (DOS) contest logger, TACLog, plus a host of additional features - including HF! (A windows-capable version using the Cygwin libraries is also available (but has some limitations in feature-set)).
Colchester Contest Group will be deploying this logger universally during 2009; implementing a mix of Linux and Windows versions. Check it out via the M1CRO website page that has links to other Tucnak resources.

NOW! Released... Final/Final Result. 2007 Marconi Memorial 144MHz CW contest

Adobe PDF of full final result of Nov 2007 Marconi Memorial CW Contest. Plus Contest Manager's Report

RSGB Contest Calendar 2008

Last year, in an idle moment, while waiting for a (delayed) aircraft with a free W-Lan available, I made a stand-alone RSGB Contest Calendar in MS Outlook 2003.
This year I note that Pete (G4CLA) has gone one better and produced both iCAL and Google calander formats that can be acquired via the vhf contest website "Calendar" page:
The 2007 version is still available from the links if you want to add 2008 to it yourself. CU in the contest. (Unless we get blown away!)

Final Result. 2006 Marconi Memorial 144MHz CW contest

Adobe PDF of full final result of Nov 2006 Marconi Memorial CW Contest

RSGB Contest Calendar 2007 - In MS Outlook form

In an idle moment, while waiting for a (delayed) aircraft with a free W-Lan available, I made a stand-alone RSGB Contest Calendar in MS Outlook 2003.
In Outlook 2003 more than one calendar can be loaded side-by-side with your general or QRL calendar.
You can download (34 KB) from the link. It unzips to 265KB and can be placed anywhere you like in your filesystem and loaded (while in the Calendar view) from the Outlook Main menu:
File | Open | Outlook Datafile.
Download: - N1BUG website Mirror
It is with great pleasure that I am able to provide a mirror of the "N1BUG Web" - the website of Paul, N1BUG. The site was mirrored just before being 'taken off the air' in late 2005 and has been archived since.

This mirror enjoys full permission from the author and is being maintained to provide interest and encouragement to aspirational EMEers and hardened veterans alike.
I have updated a few web-links (to maintain currency) and obfuscated a few email addresses (to deter spammers) but apart from that, the site is as-was.

Last Updated: 03 August 2006

First reported European SpE of 2005.
On 28 April 2005, between 14:00 and 14:15Z, G4ZTR (JO01) reports contacts with 9H - Malta and IT9 - Sicily.
Stations worked:
        9H1AW  - JM75
        9H1ZC  - JM75
        IT9PMZ - JM68
        IW9AZJ - JM68
        IW9CER - JM78
The BeamFinder plot indicates a "skip" region south of the Italian alps.
It would be interesting to learn of the weather conditions in northern Aosta and northern Lombardy, Turin, Milan and Genoa during the mid-afternoon of Thursday. Please report WX to: G1OGY

Many thanks.

MS, Tropo and SpE operation from IN95
Update [20040710]
F/G8APZ has been granted an 'F' callsign. Note that the group will now be signing F1VJQ on 144MHz MS and 50MHz.

Update [20040708]
Within 5 minutes of turning on the equipment today (Thurs 8 July) the team experience their first (of many, hopefully) Es (SpE) opening towards the East.
HA, YO, OM, UT were worked

See the Logs via this page.

G8APZ and others will activate IN95 between 8th and 21st July 2004.
Equpment includes 3 pairs of significantly good ears, a single long yagi and full legal maximum.

More details, from 'APZ himself, to be found Here

Image courtesy of AB7IY "Make more miles...."

70cms (432MHz) Beacons - 2003 QSY Frequencies
70cms Beacons QSY from the .800/.900 range to the .400 range this year. Here are links to the 432 Beacon listings maintained by the Region 1 Beacon Co-ordinator. Thank you Iain!
    • Beacons by Frequency
    • Beacons by Callsign
The original links now (2015) point to a Repeater-oriented page. Please use the following URLs for Beacon news and lists:

May (2003) Events
RSGB 144MHz "Counties & Countries" Sat/Sun 17/18 May 14:00->14:00 UTC G0VHF/P QRV from JO01HW
409 QSOs, 'rawscore' <> 12Megapoints. Best DX: F6FHP @ 805km
(2nd Best DX: F5VHX @ 793km)
Details in TACLog Report

RSGB 432MHz Trophy + IARU UHF Contest Sat/Sun 03/04 May 14:00->22:00 & 14:00->14:00 UTC
G1OGY QRV - not too seriously - from QTHR (JO01GR)
Details in TACLog Reports

Microwave Modules MMT144/28-RY.
Handbook and CCT Diagrams. as .GIF files to download
Fri 2003 05 23: Had time to review sizes of files - now smaller but retaining definition. Viewable on-line.

Polar Electronic Developments - QQV 06-40 144MHz PA
Nothing too fancy for this page. Really to give 'WLL access to the data & Photos (such as they are)
Others might well be amused, judging from the reaction on the reflector

WSJT EME Echos on 432MHz. Finally! :-))
Well, Yes! I did it all wrong. No RIT set in WSJT (but I had RIT set for Doppler on the Wireless, at least) FT-847 + K2RIW (loafing) + LNA + 4x21. I swear I could ~hear~ some of the pings! Once I can get the WSJT Software stable on the contest PC, do look for me around 432.044 (I think that's where they say to test...?)

April (2003) Events
RSGB 50MHz (Multiplier) Contest - Sun 27 April 09:00->13:00 UTC
66 contacts, 13935 points; 919,709 scored (goto TACLog report)

RSGB '1st 70MHz (4M) Contest': - Sun 13 April 09:00->13:00 UTC
50 contacts, 9630 points (goto TACLog report) (goto G4ZTR 4M beam)

Software registration form now posts data!
If, before 24th April 2003, you have requested Perl source or filled in the Reg. Form... Please again? Any mail it produced has been consigned to the great electronic waste bit-bucket, somewhere in the wires!
You'll find 'GetLocs.exe', Format_CW and both the Command Line and GUI Lookup programs available. Jump to the download page.

Renewing the "M1CRO/P Website"
The original site at is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. In order to improve 'currency' I have replicated that site here for the moment (the original site remains at the original address (for posterity!)) The intention is to rebuild/redesign the M1CRO site over time. But first it is important to get things up-to-date. I will post recent Results and awards in due course and improve some of the linking. The original site will be given a new front page providing the option to continue in the 2002 time warp or to be redirected here for the more recent version. As this moment (April 2003) there are no changes.

Code Red Propagators
2003/11/10 :: So! 'CodeRed' appears to be over. There have been no attacks detected for the whole of October and November. Of course the majority of these were the robotic activities of the worm's invasion of innocent Windows machines connected to an aDSL line, without a firewall.
Regrettably things never really get better - its simply a case of moving on to block the next attack flavour. MIME worms and of course the MSBlast virus and its variants are currently in favour with the 'black hats'. Beware.
2003/09/01 :: Its getting better! Since first publishing this page, the incidence of 'Code Red' attacks has fallen considerably. The message from here and other sites is evidently getting through. That's the good news!
There are still too many remaining though, IMHO.
If your IP address is listed here, please review my original posting (below) and take the appropriate action.
You might be interested in checking the previous month's listings:
  • During October and early November 2003 there were no CodeRed attacks detected.
  • September 2003
  • August 2003 >13th only - see below
  • June 2003  <20th only - due to changing my log format and forgetting to change the extract program to suit! (Doh!)
  • May 2003
  • April 2003

Original posting

I'm getting increasingly cross about the increasing (!) number of Code Red attacks I am seeing in my web logs. I am also starting to get suspicious.
The bulletins about the Worm and the way to patch it on MS-IIS systems are almost impossible to miss! Perhaps there are hosts in this list that are deliberately harbouring the infection?
Is your IP address in the list? Do you know that you have 'Internet Information Server' installed? Go here, here and here.
Read, Learn and apply.
It is in ~your~ interest! By beaconing in this way you are wide open to other, more menacing, attacks.

(First posted 2003/04/01)